Hello Buyers! So you’re considering buying a home in the Athens, GA Area… awesome!!!

Here is some valuable advice regarding how a Buyer can win in a Seller’s market:

💰 If you plan on buying a house this year please listen up. These sellers aren’t paying a penny towards closing costs and everything is selling well over the asking price( EVEN IF YOU THINK IT’S TOO HIGH). Buyers are getting their offers accepted every day but if you want to be one of them, you have to come in strong and bring your 🅰️ game. So how much money do you need??? Let’s break it down 👇🏽🏠


(1% of the purchase price or more if possible). If you want to let a seller know that you’re serious, you have to have some skin in the game. This money will be held in an escrow account. Upon closing, this will go towards what you owe at closing.


($450-850) Not mandatory but I strongly recommended. You don’t want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars only to find out you brought a lemon 🍋


($500-700) This is how the bank determines if the house is worth the amount that you’re trying to buy it. The bank isn’t going to finance more than a house is worth so if you’re feeling aggressive and want to jump well over the asking price to win the deal, make sure you have some extra funds to cover an appraisal gap.


(3%-5% of the purchase price). This is made up of many different fees that are associated with your home purchase. This includes lender fees, closing fees, taxes, prepaid insurance, etc.


This amount depends on the type of loan that you have. $0-VA loans, $0-USDA loans, 3.5%-FHA loans, 3%-20% Conventional loans. There are also down payment assistance programs!

What you need to know before buying a homeReal Estate questions in the Athens GA area we can answer for you:

Which  home best matches your unique residential real estate considerations?

What is property truly worth in the Athens, GA area? What are the area appreciation trends?

What are my best real estate financing options? 

 Should we hire a local home inspector?

Do we have to pay for an appraisal if purchasing cash?


These are just some of the questions you’ll want Bernstein and Co., your Athens area real estate professionals to answer! They take great pride in ensuring you will find the right home in the best location for your unique needs.

Lisa and Jason bring great value to their residential real estate clients! Their extensive knowledge of the local greater Athens, GA area real estate market intimately coupled with unequaled experience and mad skills naturally results in an excellent real estate experience.

When you’re ready to start the hunt for the home of your dreams it is imperative that you team up with a real estate professional that you can trust.  Lisa and Jason have a combined 40 years of combined experience in the Athens real estate market! Along the way they have identified the best real estate financing providers for any of your mortgage requirements. They passionately provide a personalized commitment to help their client’s reach their real estate dreams.

Bernstein & Co. takes great pride in their ability to utilize their extensive experience, a plethora of knowledge, and endless professional/local connections to pair buyers with their desired property. As third generation Athenians, they have extensive knowledge of the local greater Athens, GA area real estate market, trends, and neighborhoods. With a solid understanding of how confusing the real estate transaction can be, they aim to minimize the stress by guiding their clients through each step of the buying process and negotiating the best possible price for them.  When clients are buying a home, they not only look out for the details in the transaction, but they also take into consideration the current market value and the future market value to ensure clients that they are making a knowledgeable purchase.

At Bernstein & Co., the team takes pride in providing high-quality customer service by listening to their buyers and communicating with them to ensure they receive the help they need. When you’re ready to find the home of your dreams, contact the professionals at Bernstein & Co. today!  Ready to search? Click here.

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