Lisa Bernstein’s Top 5 Practical Tips to Building Wealth With Real Estate & to Thrive in a Changing Market

Real estate offers one of the most lucrative business opportunities today

Investing in or owning a real estate business is one of the most lucrative ways of growing your wealth. However, it could be sometimes tasking knowing how to work your way up the industry ladder. We’ll show you practical tips for building wealth with real estate and thriving in a dynamic real estate world.

These tips from seasoned industry professionals, like Lisa Bernstein, will help you maximize your potential in the real estate industry.

Lisa is a reputable real estate leader who has weathered the challenging Georgia property market over the years. Even more, she’s been shattering the gender glass ceiling in her niche to become a local real estate market leader. 

She’ll be speaking on How to Build Wealth Through Real Estate and Thrive in a Changing Market at the Georgia Residential Real Estate Summit sponsored by the Homes by Ardor (HBA) in collaboration with Ardor SEO, the organizer, and co-sponsor.

Let’s get to Lisa’s top 5 practical tips to become wealthy as a real estate agent in a dynamic property market.

Change Your Mindset by Listening to Podcasts

The first thing you need to achieve a successful career in real estate is to change your mindset about the real estate market or real estate investing. Podcasts are where many budding real estate agents connect with industry experts to gain superior knowledge.

These podcasts provide listeners with valuable tips and advice on a broad range of real estate topics, from property investing to market analysis and financing options. 

Real estate podcasts like Icons of Real Estate Podcast, where Lisa already featured as well, allow you to meet face-to-face with experts who know what it takes to become a top producer. Moreover, these sessions help real estate businesses learn to sell more homes by applying the sales techniques advertised there to help you realize your real estate goals.

More Reasons to Listen to a Real Estate Podcast

Many podcasts interview different successful real estate investors and industry experts. Investors and business owners in the real estate industry get the chance to learn insightful tips that can help them make better-informed decisions about their businesses.

Besides giving budding real estate agents helpful tips and information, real estate podcasts are also an excellent source of motivation. Learning about the success of other business leaders and property investors can inspire you to take the right step and fulfill your financial goals.

As you listen, episode after episode, you might discover new business or investment opportunities. These make real estate podcasts valuable for any business owner or investor interested in growing their real estate business or investment portfolio.

Real estate podcasts also provide you with a community of other top professionals in the industry. Consider joining an online forum or mailing list connected to several podcasts to know when there’s a new episode or event.

Why Not Sign Up for a Real Estate Podcast Today?

If you’re a new real estate agent seeking inspiration to drive your real estate business, consider listening to business leaders via highly-inspiring real estate podcasts like the Icons of Real Estate Podcast. Lisa already featured and rocked her episode! Check it out here!

On the other hand, if you’re a mid-level professional who has already made some headway in the local property market, your next real estate podcast could be the key to building a highly-rewarding network with a top leader in the industry.

Having the right information is crucial for a successful real estate career

Read Sales Strategy Books

Regardless of where you’re in your career, the right sales strategy books can change your work approach in business. It’s easy to see why it’s true when considering how relevant new ideas are to achieving a successful real estate marketing campaign. 

Whether you’re a real estate agent considering rising to the top of your business game or have already made significant strides in your field, reading professional development books is worth it.

Why You Need to Read a Real Estate Book

Real estate books include a wealth of vital information for business success and allow you to learn the best work approaches and gain crucial perspectives on business operations. 

Whether you’re considering creating strategies for business activities or an excellent social media campaign, taking steps to read sales strategy books can help boost your marketing resources.

Navigating the real estate market or wrapping your head around some complex terminologies in the industry can be challenging. However, reading about other people’s experiences is an excellent way to avoid common mistakes and succeed in the real estate industry. These experiences are often in books from real estate experts and leaders in your local market or nation.

Although other means of getting information to exist, reading tends to stick with you much more. Books also help to sharpen your business acumen, hone your marketing ideas, and enhance your business customer service skills.  

Don't underestimate the power of becoming a Georgia real estate market expert

Become the Best Real Estate Market Expert in Georgia

Getting your real estate agency in Georgia off the ground isn’t the same thing as having a traditional job. Becoming a Georgia real estate market expert is an excellent way to advance your career, and the following tips will help you achieve that.

1. Leverage Realtor Associations

Joining realtor associations is one way to get hands-on, practical information about the local real estate market. While there’ll be annual dues and other extra expenses, joining a professional realtor association is a smart career move for Georgia real estate agents. 

These associations will not just make your brand credible, they’ll also provide you with multiple resources to launch a successful real estate career and find your business specialty. Three association types to consider becoming a part of are the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the Georgia Association of Realtors (GAR), and Local or Regional Association Boards.

2. Take Georgia Real Estate Courses  

It’d be best to take advantage of training and continuing education in real estate. It’s an excellent means of building wealth in real estate and thriving in today’s changing real estate industry. That’s where courses in Georgia real estate find relevance. 

Georgia real estate courses help you benefit from local real estate market experts. These agents offer their clients two precious things, transactional experience, and market knowledge. 

You might learn market knowledge from literary resources at the beginning of your career, but the experience can only come with time. Learning about the industry will assist with deepening your knowledge base while boosting your professional resume.

3. Attend Local Events 

Attending local business events helps you meet other professionals and grow your professional network. Growing your professional network gives you a high potential to build business connections and get repeat referrals. Moreover, local events allow you to meet other professionals who can inspire and motivate you to breeze past challenges in your business.

Besides local events, non-business events like your children’s school PTA may make an excellent potential client pool for your brand. It won’t hurt to give someone your business card and tell them you can assist them with buying or selling a home. Getting a new client could be that simple.

Stay healthy to stay alive enough to maximize your business potential in real estate

Stay Healthy to Reach Your Maximum Potential

A survey reports that people who exercise regularly earn almost 10% more than those who don’t. Obese people make 18% less than others annually, says another poll. That’s to show how much real estate agents benefit when they choose to stay healthy. Here are some simple ways to maintain good health as a real estate agent.

1. Stick to a Regular Exercise Routine

Including a regular exercise routine in your daily schedule is an excellent idea. Such workout routines can be as simple as a 15-minute walk every morning or a 10-minute daily evening jog. Remember, though, that the specific workout you choose is as important as maintaining it regularly.

2. Get Enough Sleep Time

Getting enough sleep as a real estate agent can be challenging. Real estate agents can be very busy. However, you need up to seven or eight hours of sleep every night to maintain good health and maximize productivity. 

Consider switching off your phone about 30 minutes before bedtime so you avoid the nudge to answer emails or check social media pages. Like a regular exercise routine, sticking to this sleep routine helps you become more alert and productive throughout your day.

3. Maintain a Good Diet

Changing your eating habits could be challenging, but ditching bad habits will benefit your business or investment over the long haul. Concentrate on quality protein sources (meat, fowl, or fish from animals that graze in natural environments), lots of colorful vegetables, some select fruits, and healthy fats (like nuts, avocados, and olive oil).

Hard work efficiently leverages your time and resources to achieve your real estate dreams

Hard Work Always Pays Off!

Besides the above tips on growing your income and thriving in your local real estate market, the success stories of real estate experts show that hard work always pays off. However, many real estate agents claim to work hard but don’t achieve their desired results. However, remember, ‘busy work’ differs from ‘hard work.’ 

Busy work is what realtors do so their family members can know they’re working, and hard work is an activity that grows the business. How about setting aside two to three hours of lead generation daily and four times weekly? Setting aside 30 or 40 minutes daily to follow up on leads daily will pay off in the long run. 

Thirty minutes to prequalify all prospects before going out with them on a listing or selling appointment is also recommended. Adequately preparing your work ahead allows you to maximize your work hours and grow your income as a real estate business owner or investor. 


Building wealth with real estate is straightforward with the correct information available on different platforms.

One such informative platform is the Georgia Residential Real Estate Masters Summit, sponsored by Homes By Ardor (HBA) and Tim Stout and Associates and produced by Ardor SEO to broaden your knowledge and professional network. The event was streamed live on the 29h of November but you can still squeeze the value out of it by going to https://realestatemasterssummit.com/georgia/.

At the Georgia Residential Real Estate Summit, you’ll hear several top real estate professionals like Lisa Bernstein speak about their experience in real estate.

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