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Based in Athens Georgia and celebrated throughout Northeast Georgia, we are your hometown real estate specialists. We take pride in our extensive local expertise, covering everything from the vibrant heart of Athens to the breathtaking Mountain and Lakes Region. Our agents bring a wealth of experience from both the real estate and mortgage industries, ensuring you receive the best possible service.

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Meet Lisa & Jason Bernstein

Rooted in Athens, celebrated across Northeast Georgia. As your hometown realty specialists, we pride ourselves on our deep local expertise—spanning from the heart of Athens to the majestic Mountain and Lakes Region. Our agents have highly skilled backgrounds in real estate and in the mortgage industry. We leverage this wealth of experience into real results, making sure our clients are happy and confident in the knowledge they have someone they can trust in the real estate business. That’s why 61% of our business comes from referrals and past clients.

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Using our proprietary “Big Splash” approach, your home gets lots of attention as soon as it’s listed.

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With 32 years in the business, our network is massive, and we circulate the details of your home to those who are in the market.

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Using a combination of property analysis and industry knowledge, we price your home so as to maximize your net.

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Dive into the world of Athens real estate with our expert insights, market trends, and neighborhood highlights. Whether you’re buying, selling, or simply curious about Northeast Georgia’s property landscape, our blog is your compass.

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Unlock the pulse of Athens’ real estate market. Our exclusive monthly reports provide a curated look into the latest trends, shifts, and opportunities in the Northeast Georgia property scene. Armed with this knowledge, you’re not just informed—you’re ahead.

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Step into Athens’ premier property showcase. Our latest exclusive listings offer a handpicked selection of the finest homes in Northeast Georgia, each radiating charm, luxury, and potential. Why wait in the crowd when the front row is available? 

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